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Luisa Holanda is an art and animation director and illustrator based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She studied Philosophy and Cinema, currently pursuing studies in Visual Arts. Her main motivation is to tell animated stories that positively impact people's lives through inspiring, playful, and educational projects.

Her art and animations have distinct visuals on a mix of analogical and digital techniques. Some fine details connect all productions, revealing a unique style.

There are many developed productions in those years of work. Among the most recent ones, as art & animation director and illustrator, is the Brazilian tv series "AFTER ALL, WHO IS GOD?", directed by Thais Fernandes. The short animated film "TAINAH AND THE RAIN" is a product of the series "TAINAH AND THE GUARDIANS OF THE AMAZON" (Nickelodeon and Netflix). And the award-winning short animated film "MY NAME IS MAALUM" has been shown in over 75 countries on all continents. She now develops educational videos for the TED-Ed platform and Nearpod Inc. Also, as a freelancer, her first authorial short animated film, "GINETEADA SECRETA," based on the childhood story of her maternal grandmother, and "WILDHEART," an authorial animated and live-action short film tells the story of a girl born from the seed of the Amazon tree Samaúma.

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